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Weight Training Tips to Boost Your Workouts

There’s no doubt that you want to get the most out of your workout; after all, the entire point of working out is so that you can see results. While the routine of a boring workout is better than no workout at all, if you find that you are experience boredom, you might start losing your inspiration.

To help you stay on track, here’s a look at some simple and effective weight training tips that will help you enhances your workouts so you can reap fantastic rewards.

Diversify Your Workouts

While leg presses are certainly a great way to see muscle development and improve strength in your legs, you’ll see much better results – and at a much faster rate – when you mix things up. You don’t have to nix the leg presses, but you should try incorporating some other routines; for example, lunges and squats, too. The same is true for any other part of your body you are working for. In addition to seeing greater results, when you diversify your workouts, you can also avoid boredom and keep yourself motivated.

Add in Some Jumping

Jumping is one of the simplest tasks you can do, but it’s also one of the most powerful. The process of jumping activates and trains your core, as well as the entire body, two things that will keep you healthier in the long term. Try doing some jumping before your workout routine. There are several types of jumps you could do; box jumps, one-legged box jumps, or lateral bounding, for example. Start conservatively and add more to your routine as you go. In time, you will definitely start seeing the difference.

Tote Something Heavy Around

Carrying heaving items will help you train your entire body. In addition, doing so will correct any imbalances. A great way to do this is to grab onto two dumbbells and simply walk around. You can add in different moves while you’re walking, too. For example, you can do some jumps or throws to increase the strength and muscle building effect.

Toss Around a Medicine Ball

It might seem like a super simple task, but using a medicine ball can do incredible things for strength training and muscle building. As you toss a medicine ball, the muscles throughout your entire body get a workout. You can incorporate different throws to get the most out of it, too; chest passes and wall slams, for example. Try doing a few reps before your workout, but don’t do more than two sets, as you could end up doing damage.

Take a GPLC Supplement

Many people – men, in particular – are finding that taking a GPLC supplement does wonders for the weight training efforts. GPLC stands for Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine. It plays an important role in the formation of creatine, which can help to build muscle and strength. By adding this supplement to your diet, you could see incredible benefits.

Add Some Resistance

There seems to lot of debate regarding which is more effective: lifting heavy weights or lifting lights weights. The latest research indicates that both are effective, as long as your muscles are being worked to the point of exhaustion. However, your muscle will be exhausted much quicker with heavy weights than they will with light weights. By adding some resistance, you can see a huge difference in your weight training.

Get a Partner

This isn’t actually a physical change to your workout routine, but it can certainly be very beneficial. Working out with a partner will keep you motivated and encourage you to push yourself so you can get even more out of your workout. Plus, working out with someone else just breaks up the monotony and keeps things interesting.


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