The Tremendous Support with Optavia

Now that I’ve introduced you to Optavia and Karen, I want to tell you about the amazing support groups they have!

On Wednesday nights, at 5:30PM PST/8:30 EST, there is a webinar that you can join. They have weekly topics to discuss, to help keep you on track, and to keep you motivated, as you continue your weight loss journey. There is no fee to join! You will need to download the app Zoom. Once you start the plan, your coach will send you the link a few minutes before the webinar starts. The app will prompt you for username and email. Just put your name and your email, and you’re all set! Just click, join the group, and prepare to be inspired, motivated and learn! I watched my first webinar last week, and it really motivated me to get started! I learned some great information from it. Being that I was new to the program, I wasn’t up on the lingo (like lean and greens), but my coach explained every question I had, via chat or phone. I look forward each week to the webinars!

The second Wednesday webinar tackled the subject of inflammation. I’ve dealt with this for over 4 years! This webinar really inspired me to go forward and fight the war with my weight and inflammation through learning that being overweight is a major contributor of inflammation, and that eating better can reduce the issue, if not get rid of it entirely.

Should you have health/medical questions, there is Ask a Doc Call- if you have questions for a health professional! There are also nurses available too! That’s available every Wednesday Evening at 5:00PM PST/ 8:00pm EST. A great service to have! OPTAVIA provides its clients with support from our Virtual Clinic Team. Headed up by top-notch physicians and nurses, their team will help you develop your health through education and weekly support calls. They also have specially trained representatives to answer any medical questions you may have.

The last one I want to discuss, is the Thursday Night is our Client Zoom. These are just for clients, only in a smaller group. It is an interactive webinar. We discuss a Habits of Health topic, and people can ask questions and share their journey. Last week was about sleep. I learned that my eating habits were one of the main causes of my restlessness. Since I’ve been eating better, I’ve lost FIVE pounds, and my wife says I sleep more soundly. I’m not waking up, four to five times every night! I feel these Client Zoom webinars are extremely valuable for learning great habits of health.

Once you enroll in the program, you will get emails detailing all of these important support services. Should you enroll with Optavia, my wish for you is to join these webinars. Use any of the services provided. After all, it’s for your benefit. It’s only fair that you should reap the rewards and learn new and exciting things about losing weight, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, right?


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