The Will to Make it happen

I was on my way to the gym this morning, listening to the radio. I have SiriusXM radio in our car, and I listen mostly to Liquid Metal, Hair Nation and Ozzy’s Boneyard. I flipped over to the 80’s channel and they played Eye of the Tiger. I immediately got pumped! It’s one of my favorite songs to work out to! Crank it up, and let’s go crank ’em out!

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I was excited Wednesday when my online purchase from Walmart came in.  I bought a foam roller, to aid in relieving back pain and stiffness, which I’ve been dealing with for a few years. Obviously, having all this extra weight on my frame isn’t helping matters; but, with the loss of weight, I’m hoping that the majority of that issue will go away. I took it to the gym with me yesterday and today, rolled out my back and my hips. Oh man! The relief was almost instant! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made! Just imagine your muscles as meat, and the foam roller is like a meat tenderizer!


I had used one of these several months ago, while going to physical therapy and I vowed to eventually get one. Most of the rollers I saw in stores or online were a little pricey. This bad boy only costs $14.00! It’s like having your own masseuse! There are different ways to use this, and I’ll cover these with pictures on a post in the next few days. Stretching before and after a workout is CRUCIAL. I cannot emphasize that enough!

Today, I decided to bump up my workout a little by adding 15 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill before lifting. Get the heart rate up. Get the adrenaline flowing and the blood pumping.  I will start doing this every day I’m at the gym. Eventually, I’ll get to where I’m jogging on the treadmill. Sweat is just fat crying!

When I’m at the gym, I’m focused. Focused on a variety of things: Form (very crucial!), pushing through the sets, and when the day comes I can look in the mirror and see the payoff for all my hard work and determination. Not to mention smaller, better fitting, rocking clothes! A sense of style is a sense of one’s self. I will not be denied! It may take a while, but, in the meantime, I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment, knowing that these are merely small frames towards the bigger picture. I sometimes catch myself envisioning me wearing loud, flashy clothes like these Zubaz pants! I remembered these from my younger years growing up. They were all the rage for guys and girls who were in the gym working out. I got a pair last Christmas, but they were snug. The goal by Christmas this year is to be rocking them with no fitting issues!

I like to wear flashy clothes, what can I say? I’m picturing these pants with a black or a purple compression shirt!

Does anybody remember these pants being all the rage back in the day?

I filled out an email about a blogger showcase contest. I figured, “What the heck-I’ll enter!” There wasn’t any criteria as far as amount of followers on social media, how long you’ve been a blogger, etc. Not going to win if you don’t play! One of the questions that was asked was, “Why did you start blogging?” Well, to be honest, I had contemplated jumping into blogging going on several months now, but, I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to blog about. Sure, music is one of my core values that I hold near and dear; but, it’s such a broad subject, and for me, I felt it would be a real challenge to reach and connect with readers. I want to interact with those that comment on my posts. I want a CONNECTION. Once I made the choice to get going on this journey (you, the reader will probably see that word a lot, because, to me, it IS a journey!), the choice to blog about fitness, weight loss and weight lifting was the perfect fit. So, to answer the question of why I started blogging? Simple!  I started blogging as a way to convey my thoughts on weight training, weight loss and to reach an audience, to hopefully inspire someone (or several) to set the wheels in motion to lose weight and lift weights! Encourage them by saying if I can do this, you can too!  All it takes is a commitment to one’s self. Do it because YOU want to do it for YOU!

Tomorrow, 7/15/17, will be 2 weeks since I’ve started this journey. It’s been a struggle somewhat. There have already been little things I’ve noticed that have changed. I don’t crave junk hardly at all. I was doing some reading up on weight loss, and I read where adding more protein to your diet will actually help curb those cravings for stuff like chocolate. Drinking more water helps too! I’m looking forward to the physical changes I know are coming soon!

I was at Target today after my workout, and I saw these water bottles and decided to take a picture, after arranging them. Words to live by. Daily


    1. YES! I love water bottles too! We have an abundance of them! With trying to crank up my water intake, I find it easier to just grab a plastic bottle and sip away!

  1. You go Rog! We are also trying hard in this household to get healthier and Sundays is easier than others. I do crave sugar a little bit less because I don’t want the calories but there are times that I love it. Those water bottles are pretty cool.

    1. My daughter-in-law was discussing how she craves sweets and I told her to start drinking 2 protein shakes per day; one in the morning and one before bed. She already drinks a lot of water and you’d think that that would help, because any health care professional I’ve been to, whether it’s a doctor or physical therapist, all have said when you’re craving junk food , drink water

  2. The water bottle is very important. Can’t say enough about have at least two different water bottles at all times. Nope can’t say I do remember those work out pants.

    1. I had a pair of black and white zebra pattern knock-offs when I was in the Army. I’ve found just drinking out of pre-packaged bottles, though I do love a cool water bottle! I actually have a Darth Vader Star Wars Water Bottle!

  3. I really like those water bottles! Target always has such good stuff. Congrats on getting two weeks into your journey so far!

    1. I’m surprised that a lot of people don’t remember them! Hair Nation always seems to play the classics, when there’s a lot more variety out there in hair land!

    1. Yes that’s an understatement! I’m not an attention seeking person, but sometimes I like to dress a little “loud”. I can’t believe that I’m already in a habit of drinking 4-5 bottles of water per day!

    1. I’ve found it’s a state of mind. When you’re ready to commit, you will be fine. That’s the biggest hurdle. Yes, working out should be a fashion statement! Funky fresh and full of flavor!

  4. I don’t usually wear flashy clothes not because I don’t like them, but it is just not me. I do admire people who can confidently wear clothes like that. I don’t have any issues with drinking plain water. I love it that way. 🙂

    1. My confidence level at the moment is low, because I have a long ways to go. Once I get to a point where my pair that I have fit comfortably, look out! I’ve found it easier to drink water out of the original bottles. If I have to keep going back and forth to fill a personal bottle, I know I’ll forget

    1. I’m definitely in love with my foam roller! I hope come Planet Fitness doesn’t have a “No flashy clothes” policy, because, come December, I’ll be getting my workouts on wearing them!

    1. The foam roller is a godsend! I’ve found that I drink more water if it’s in its original bottle. I do enjoy a good peaceful walk.

    1. I thought about buying one, but I’ve found that drinking a bottle of water straight out of the bottle is a lot easier for me to remember

  5. Every time I hear ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ it makes me think of Rocky. That is definitely a song that can get you pumped up. Thanks for the reminder that I need to increase my water intake if I want to see increased results for myself.

    1. I used to think that drinking too much water causes you to GAIN weight. Every healthcare professional will tell you to drink more water if you want to lose weight! Amounts vary from practitioner to practitioner. I’ll keep posting on my journey and tips and things I pick up along the way!

  6. I need that foam roller, I bought one through ebay and wasn’t a good one. I cancelled my gym membership a few months ago, thinking to rejoin.

    1. If you have a Planet Fitness nearby, join! It’s relatively cheap, and they have trainers there. PLUS, you don’t have to pay extra for their assistance!

  7. I think there’s a reason workout clothes are in such vibrant prints. I was thinking about it and my yoga pants are all these crazy colors. I remember longing ago they were just single colors and now there all these bold, funky colors and I keep buying more and more.

    Congratulations on starting your blogging journey. Looking forward to reading your posts.

    1. Just going for a walk 30-45 minutes per day will get you started. Five years ago that’s what started me off to losing weight. Then, of course, life and all of its shenanigans stepped in. This time it’s going to be different. You’ll know when you’re ready ?
      Yes I’d like to get a few more pairs of them, in different colors!

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