1. I was guilty as charged when it came to the scale! About the only time now I look in the mirror is when I’m working out! Form is everything!

  1. Maybe the saying should be that fat takes up more volume than muscle? It would be a better reflection of the concept. But I totally agree that you should gauge your success on how your clothes fit!

    1. I agree with your statement! I think maybe someone came up with muscle weighs more than fat to justify their own problem with weight loss, or to encourage others

  2. Excellent advice and I could not agree more! I actually went through a phase where I became obsessed with weighing myself, to the point where it started to scare me, so I tossed my scale out. That was about three years ago. Best decision I ever made!

  3. I have been following the Keto diet and I was so afraid, in the beginning, that the diet would not work. I mean, come on…you get to eat cheese! So in the beginning I weighed myself all the time to make sure I knew if it was working or not. Now I weigh once a month.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about Keto. I’m pretty much counting calories and eating only when I’m hungry. I also drink 2 protein shakes a day, one within an hour of working out and one before bed.

  4. The saying “muscle weighs more than fat” is true, but it should be rephrased. Muscle is more dense than fat so it takes more fat to weigh one pound. This would be great to know to explain the weight loss plateau.

  5. I weigh myself, but if I gain I take my measurements and 9 times out of ten I’ve lost inches. It makes me feel better otherwise I get depressed about the gain and eat…which makes it worse.

    1. So true! For me, the clothes are taking a little longer, but, I’m older, and it takes a little more effort to lose weight and gain muscle

  6. It has been ages since I’ve weighed myself. In fact, I no longer own a scale. I rely on apps like My Fitness Pal to help with my weight loss journey. 🙂

  7. I think muscle weighs more than fats in the way that building muscle requires a lot of work and sacrifice. And that efforts really weigh and it will be worth it than gaining fats.

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