1. I think stretching is extremely important. I also have a bulging disc in my lower back and my neck. Stretching seems to make it feel better at least for a little while.

    1. Yes! You might find that all-natural supplements that are used for inflammation might work, even if they help take the edge off the discomfort and pain. On the plus side, you won’t become dependent on OTC medicines!

    1. I’ve got to get to a point where it’s a habit to stretch daily, not because I’m stiff or sore, especially after working out.

  2. There is not better feel than to stretch. I love the way my back and legs feel when I give them that loud morning stretch yawn.

  3. It’s awesome that the stretches you were introduced to ended up helping so much! I can see why warming up and stretching would be important for preventing injuries.

    1. Yes indeed! I’ve learned from experience for me I’d rather warm up before exercising, then stretch after. I’ve pulled and strained muscles stretching pre-workout. Ouch!

    1. Yes. Even if you just do a light stretch, you’re diminishing the possibility of pulling a muscle. But, it also depends on the intensity of your workout too?
      Points to ponder

  4. This is so important before exercising. I know I don’t do it often, but need to do it more. I usually walk outside or on the treadmill.

  5. I actually just took a stretch break after a LONG day on the computer. It totally helps me when I’ve been at a desk all day.

  6. My friend has an injured back at the moment because she spends lots of time at the gym, boxing and doing various other stuff. Stretching the right way is so important.

  7. I have a bad habit of not stretching before or after working out. With all the back pain I’ve been having, I’m learning that stretching IS super important. Thank you.

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