Staying the Course and Trusting the Process

Back in April, I pulled a muscle in my calf while doing jumping jacks. Let me say that again….BY DOING JUMPING JACKS! I mean, how is that even possible?

Well, that put the brakes to running. I rehabbed my leg all weekend, thinking a couple of days would be enough. It didn’t feel like a major pull, just tightened up. Well, four minutes on the treadmill on the following Monday it pulled again.

I did some research online, checking medical sites, and two weeks of light stretching, ice the area and no running seemed to be the general consensus. So, that’s what I did.

Two weeks later, I decided to jog lightly around the gym, to test the wheels out. NOPE! This was a full-on pull this time!

OK, time to speed this up. I’ve been to physical therapy for the last few weeks, and was making progress. Emphasis on the word WAS. Monday of last week, I jogged about 25 minutes. No issues, except a little tightness. PT on Wednesday. Went for a run. A mile and a half later……Muscle pull again. Back to square one.

this is bullsht

I was MAD! I got down on myself. Everything I busted my ass for was gone. Yes, it’s temporary; but, my hard work and determination had been taken away for the time being. I felt that I was going to disappoint everyone who submitted the names of loved ones for the shirt I’ll be wearing for the 5K race on June 2nd.

I spent some time trying to figure out what happened. Perhaps it was the combination of having therapy earlier, jogging uphill, instead of staying on a more flat surface is what caused it. No way to tell for sure. Bottom line: I was doing great, then it all went to hell in a handbasket.

While it still hurts a little to walk at a brisk pace, I can still WALK. Sure, I had my pity party; but, I realized that even if I walk the 5K, I’m still doing this for the cause, and for the people on my shirt. I’ll take solace that I can walk. If I can run some of it come that Saturday, then I will.

For now, I’ll trust the process, go slower, and take it easy for a while, whether I can run or walk.


  1. I totally get what you are saying. I tore a calf muscle in my krav maga class and didn’t complete the whole course of PT that was recommended and it never healed right. I should have listened.

  2. I aim to get to the gym six times a week. You remind me that if one area of my body hurts, I can work on another. If my leg hurt and I cannot do aerobics, that is no excuse to not go to the gym to do some weights!

  3. You have good advice here. I am often an all or nothing kind of girl, but I really need to sit back and just be patient and let things be!

  4. Sometimes it is so hard isn’t it – you just think this can’t be right and want to give up and try something different, but you just need to keep on holding on.

  5. I can understand your frustration, even if I don’t exercise regularly. I guess the best you can do for now is yes, trust the process. Give your body some time to heal.

  6. This must really be an upsetting time for you, especially if you have a regular exercise routine. I might be best for you to take a break to allow total healing. Wishing you a fast recovery.

  7. I hope things get better. It just happens all of a sudden sometimes even if we didn’t do anything to trigger it. I hope it’s nothing serious. Just try to focus on your health and rest as much as you can.

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