Running A 5K in My Custom DesignAShirt

Disclaimer: I have been compensated with shirts, donated by, in exchange for my post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Well, the annual Live Like Liz 5K was a HUGE success! Huge for me, in the fact that I had been nursing a calf injury, which didn’t seem like it was ever going to heal in time for the race. Here is how it all went down.

My wife and biggest supporter Becky accompanied me to the Watkins Glen High School Field House on June 2nd. I had already registered online for the race, so all I had to do was confirm I was on the registry to receive my race number.

There were speakers and awards given out. Snacks and water were provided for all in attendance. After the awards and speeches, some kids participated in a 1K fun run. Then, it was time for the main event!

I had come up with a plan with my physical therapist a couple of days prior to the event. She felt comfortable and extended advice, which I followed. I began the race with a walk, walking about five minutes or so, to get my hips and legs warmed up. Then, I began my run. More like a jog, but it felt like a run to me!

I had my music on and my DesignAShirt that was specifically created for this race. I made a deal with myself that if at any time I felt any tightness, or that I just couldn’t run the entire race, then I would walk it out. I was very happy that I experienced no tightness, and I actually felt pretty good, for not being able to run for almost two months.

I came across the finish line just under 40 minutes. Major achievement if I should say so myself!

I want to extend my warmest and sincerest thanks to DesignAShirt, for making my shirt and a dream come true. I was very pleased with it, and even got some compliments!

Have you ever participated in a 5K or other run?

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  1. What a great custom shirt, love the design! I have never wanted to run a marathon, I am a terrible runner! I definitely have respect for those that do though. Thanks for sharing!

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