Why am I not Losing Weight?

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Health is a relationship between you and your body.

This came to me this morning, while finishing up some work. A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have thought of that, but it makes perfect sense.

Back when I started my blog (July 2017), I was, and still am, motivated and inspired to lose weight. By October/November I wasn’t making any major results. I was mad and frustrated! I kept getting down on myself and asking the question, “Why am I not losing weight?”

I was exercising regularly. I was making better eating choices. I drank more water. It wasn’t making any sense.

It wasn’t until November that I got started with the Optavia program. I will admit, I had some issues getting started, but, I knew that going in. My health coach informed me that I would probably get headaches, and I did. That was because my body was used to a certain routine. I ate when I was hungry, which was probably three times per day, when, in fact I should be eating five to six small meals per day!

The basic idea is to eat 5 fuelings per day, plus one meal you prepare, and light to no exercise. That last part broke my heart! I love going to the gym and sweating it out! But, because I was doing a fat burning phase, any heavy exercise would throw the program off, as your body demands more calories when you’re exercising heavily. So, I really buckled down and just walked, 30 minutes a day. Not everyday, but a few times per week.

They say that weight loss is around eighty percent (80%) nutrition. I really struggled to eat regular before I started this phase of my journey. There has to be a delicate balance of diet and exercise. I prefer not to use the word diet, but, rather the term “lifestyle change”.

Fad diets are all the rage. You see them on television, social media, and in supermarkets. The reality is those diets are short-term sustainable. Sure, you’ll lose some weight, but keeping it off AND losing more weight to suit your goals isn’t always the best way. I’m not trying to bash any life choice you make. If counting macros and percentages are working for you….great! If you’re at a plateau, maybe it’s because your body has become complacent and therefore isn’t burning fat?

By staying true to making healthier choices, and minimal exercise for a couple of months, you’re more apt to lose weight and burn fat. These habits will form, and when your energy levels automatically increase (and they will!), then, you can start incorporating a little more intense exercise. Finding your balance will reap rewards.

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