1. I have been trying out all sorts of different workouts. I have not tried a spin class yet but from your experience it looks like it something I should look into.

    1. If you can get in to a class that the instructor makes it fun, and, if you go with someone you know, I can almost guarantee you will have fun! Don’t try to set any records! Just go with it, learn the exercises and you’ll be alright!

    1. I never thought about it either, but chafing and saddle soreness DOES happen! Maybe not to everyone, but I’m throwing it out there, as a precaution ?

  2. I always walk by the spin class at the gym and think -how would I keep up? I feel like I would fall right off the bike or die of being exhausted.

    1. Luckily our instructor is pretty easy going. I felt like Inwas going to die the first time I went tona spin class ?. I really feel that my weight training and gaining strength overall has made it somewhat easier. I still struggle with when we stand up and pedal. My sister-in-law says it gets easier the more you go

    1. The first time I did it Inwas like what the hell did I get myself in to? But, the second time, Inwas more prepared and in a little better shape. I will always take precautions every time I go to spin! Just thought I’d share the information! I would hate for anyone to suffer with chafing and soreness. It STINKS!

  3. This is really good advice! I think an intense spin class would be great as long as I’m well-prepared for all of the potential problems. Hydration should be a big priority.

  4. My daughter’s best friend does a spin class weekly. From what she said and what you said, it sounds like a fun workout.

    1. I truly did have fun! Was it extremely fun? No! Not by a long shot! There were some areas that were a little bit of work. Thank you for your reply ???

    1. There is a lot of movements in spin class, but I don’t know if everyone who decides to do it would have the same experiences with chafing and soreness in the bum region as I had. Never hurts to be prepared!

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