My Interesting and Exciting Spin Class Experience!

Note: This post I’ll be discussing some possible sensitive matters pertaining to anatomy. I promise to keep it as PG as possible!

On July 31st, I went to a spin class with my daughter-in-law, Sarah, my sister-in-law, Niki, and my nephew’s girlfriend Sara. My niece, Madi (Niki’s daughter) was also there. It was a family affair! I had been to a spin class several months ago, and, well, I was apprehensive to go this time. Not from a workout standpoint….the last time I went I got SADDLE SORE and chafed! I know, TMI! But, this experience was much better, although there were some slight indications that soreness from the seat and minor chafing was taking place. I guess I was consciously thinking about NOT getting chafed and saddle sore. I’ll be discussing some things I did that avoided major soreness and chafing.

First, let me explain what spin is, in my best definition. You sit on a stationary bike (they’re specifically made for this type of workout), and you don’t necessarily just pedal for an hour. Oh no! You do some fast pedaling (sprints-trust me; they don’t last long!), some strength pedaling, by adjusting the pressure on the wheel by turning the tension knob, and some core exercises. Those you do when you have quite a bit of resistance on the wheel, so you’re pedaling slow. Then, you tighten your abdominal muscles, lean back a little and do the movements the instructor yells out. Then, you cool down and do some stretching. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell! It was fun, the music was ok (if y’all know me, I love heavy metal music when working out! They play some music I’m not familiar with!), and boy was it HOT! Even with fans blowing, it was like the seventh circle of hell! haha

Bring a towel and some water…’re going to need it!

We started off by pedaling at a decent pace. Then, we stood up on the bike. NOTE: Always pedal! If you can’t do the movements, just keep pedaling! Try to do the movements, in order to get the full experience! I had a difficult time getting my rhythm of pedaling, and standing up, then sitting down, in repetition, but I kept trying. Repeat until the instructor tells you to switch it up.

Please Consult your doctor before attempting to spin, to determine if they feel it’s safe for you to do so!

Some points to ponder when you decide to go to a spin class.

  • Set your bike up properly! I cannot stress this enough! Your instructor will be able to help you. All you have to do is ask!
  • If you’re nervous that you’ll get saddle sore and chafed, buy a gel seat that can easily be put on top of the existing saddle. It helps! We got mine off groupon, and they’re relatively inexpensive. Of course, if you’re planning on going beast mode several times a week, a more expensive, more padded seat might be what you’ll need.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or diaper rash ointment to your inner thigh and butt area. I think I made the mistake of applying a product called Bag Balm, as I don’t have any petroleum jelly. I think it wore off too quick. I did find that I have some diaper rash ointment, so I’ll apply that the next time a spin class is scheduled. Trial and error, to see what helps. I searched “avoid chafing and saddle soreness when riding a bike” and a few sites also recommend padded bicycle shorts. None of the stores where I live carry them, so we bought a gel seat. I’m a little sore on my bottom, but not near as bad as the first time I went! The sites advise a chamois cream (several are available on Amazon). If you start to feel some discomfort, stand up on the bike and keep pedaling, to relieve the pressure and friction!
  • Have fun with it! If you can’t do all the movements, that’s ok! Just give them a try and go with the flow! Exercise should be fun and you should be a little sore in your muscles. That just means you’re working muscles that haven’t been worked in a while!

After we began, and my apprehensions went away, I had fun! It really helped that I knew a few people in the class. My sister-in-law does some instructing when the regular coach is not available.I sweat A LOT! So much so, that the towel I brought was completely wet! Make sure you hydrate before, during and especially after spin class! I was surprised at how much fun I had, and my daughter-in-law sent me a text message later and told me I kicked butt! I was elated by her text!


  1. I have been trying out all sorts of different workouts. I have not tried a spin class yet but from your experience it looks like it something I should look into.

    1. If you can get in to a class that the instructor makes it fun, and, if you go with someone you know, I can almost guarantee you will have fun! Don’t try to set any records! Just go with it, learn the exercises and you’ll be alright!

    1. I never thought about it either, but chafing and saddle soreness DOES happen! Maybe not to everyone, but I’m throwing it out there, as a precaution ?

  2. I always walk by the spin class at the gym and think -how would I keep up? I feel like I would fall right off the bike or die of being exhausted.

    1. Luckily our instructor is pretty easy going. I felt like Inwas going to die the first time I went tona spin class ?. I really feel that my weight training and gaining strength overall has made it somewhat easier. I still struggle with when we stand up and pedal. My sister-in-law says it gets easier the more you go

    1. The first time I did it Inwas like what the hell did I get myself in to? But, the second time, Inwas more prepared and in a little better shape. I will always take precautions every time I go to spin! Just thought I’d share the information! I would hate for anyone to suffer with chafing and soreness. It STINKS!

  3. This is really good advice! I think an intense spin class would be great as long as I’m well-prepared for all of the potential problems. Hydration should be a big priority.

  4. My daughter’s best friend does a spin class weekly. From what she said and what you said, it sounds like a fun workout.

    1. I truly did have fun! Was it extremely fun? No! Not by a long shot! There were some areas that were a little bit of work. Thank you for your reply ???

    1. There is a lot of movements in spin class, but I don’t know if everyone who decides to do it would have the same experiences with chafing and soreness in the bum region as I had. Never hurts to be prepared!

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