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Music: It’s what drives me

I love music! My tastes vary from classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath), classical, some rap, New Wave (Devo, Berlin), to Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal music, for for me, has been a staple in my life. I’m not going to defend my position on music preference; I like what I like, and I would never fault a person nor judge them based on the music they listen to. Everyone likes whatever moves them. I’m more of a what you’d call an old school metal-head. I listen to those bands that paved the way back in the 80’s for bands of the same genre today. Most of the time, I don’t listen to the lyrics. I used to play guitar and bass back in the day, so I gravitated towards the musicality of the song: The beat of the drums, the riffs of the guitars, and a good bass groove. I’m there. I’m in my moment. I’m into music that gets me pumped.

I use music not strictly for entertainment. It’s primarily is based on my mood. If I’m working out, or doing yard work,  98% of the time, Heavy Metal is my music of choice. I especially love to listen to it while I’m working out. The aggression, the intensity of the songs……it motivates me to crank out one more rep, one more set…..one…..more! Music for me gives me the high that no drug can give me. It’s like this: music is my drug, and hard rock and heavy metal are my dealers!

When I’m gearing up to work out, I will search through my library on my Spotify App to find that one song that suits my mood, and then I begin. The Rush! The flow of adrenaline! To me, it;s intoxicating!

“Adrenaline starts to flow
You’re thrashing all around
Acting like a maniac


What are some of your favorite bands? What band, singer, or musician made an impact on your life?

What type of music do you listen to when working out or doing yard/housework?


    1. I’m in the same boat! I have my top 5 most influential bands. The others, while great, didn’t impact me near as much as those 5

  1. I love all sorts of music as well. My mood usually dictates what I listen to. When I’m working around the house I like to play a mixture of rock and pop, as long as it has an upbeat tempo.

  2. Music is always been a very important part of my life. It makes me feel good or sentimental as the song goes. I really listen to all sorts of different genres but I kind a like country the best.

    1. There are a couple of country songs I love, because they’re near and dear to me and my commitment to my wife and kids.
      Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney
      George Strait Love Without End Amen
      In the Vicinity of the Heart by Shenendoah with Allison Kraus

    1. Oh you know it! Fast tempo, hard and heavy when I’m lifting! YES! The first thing I do when I get the car started is turn on the radio or I’ll put my phone on through the stereo

  3. Music is all based on my mood but some of my favorites are Led, Elton, The Toadies, Matchbox Twenty, and many many others! We’d have fun talking music!

    1. Sir Elton is an amazing artist! I love a lot of his music! Probably my most favorite song is Funeral for a friend/love lies bleeding

  4. My listening experience changed so much with mobile apps. Now I listen to so much more of it and much more diverse

    1. Awesome! All of my song versatility is self made. I put together song lists for when I’m working out and I never know what song is coming up

  5. I love to listen to music! I work so much faster and more efficiently when I have something great playing in the room. Music is a necessity for working out too. The right music can really keep you moving and motivated.

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