weekend gardening


  1. with schools being out,,we are starting our garden a bit earlier just to get the grankids involved and give them some chores and something fun to do with their time

  2. When we were younger, we enjoyed gardening. We planted tomatoes 🍅 and cucumbers 🥒
    But being seniors now, we can’t kneel on our knees. I can’t make my hands work like they used to. I do recommend trying it though. We we’re proud of our little “crops”. I pinned your guide for later. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I use a variety of low maintenance and native plants that don’t need as much care but add some annuals to give color and variety. Doing an inventory is a good idea.

  4. My yard has become more perennials now. I only plant annuals in a small area & my veggie garden is now a yearly wildflower garden for the butterflies.

  5. LIving in the country I am blessed to be able to have a large vegetable garden and flower gardens galore. Lovespending time in them all week

  6. In my area we don’t start our garden (vegetables) until after Memorial Day. We have a short growing season. I’m eager to start.

    1. Sounds about like our area! I’m looking forward to getting our vegetables in soon. I just got done planting a garden I’m dedicating to our veterans and first responders.

  7. Can’t garden as I live in an apartment complex. I also have a disability which means I can’t get to the ground or use tools on the ground.

  8. I would love to garden. I don’t have the space or a yard at all. When we do have the space I’ll definitely garden.

  9. This information about making your weekend gardening a better experience is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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