1. Variety is the spice of life! I typically start my first set light, with about 15 reps. It really gets the muscles good and warmed up for what’s to come! Thank you for your great response!

    1. Sometimes people get complacent in the gym, then wonder why they’re not losing weight/inches. Diversity is key! Glad you enjoyed my post!

    1. It has been on my mind for a while, and I had the time to post about it, while doing a little research. Yes, diversity is definitely key, and I hope if people put forth the effort, they’ll remember to mix things up after a while, so they don’t give up!

  1. I like lighter weights with more reps as my muscles feel like they are working the way the should rather than in an override mode. Really appreciate the helpful information; will really help those trying to lose weight. I like that you added the fitness plateau in there as I think all of us have struggled with it.

    1. I like your perspective on lifting with lighter weights! I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t struggled with plateauing. Thank you for your well thought out comments!

  2. I start with light weight and then test my strength after a couple of weeks and go for heavier with fewer reps. But, I do mix both since I do not want to increase the weight so much that I start looking bulky.

  3. I have been wanting to up my fitness routine by adding weights. I want to try light weights. I have never thought of what the different effect light vs heavy weights would have. Thanks for the great post.

  4. I need to start. Starting is the hardest part! Then I Will probably be into light lifting until I learn the ropes!

  5. Given that I’m not lifting, I can’t add anything of value to this conversation other than, I know that I would probably end up lifting light because I imagine the worst with lifting heavy items above my head or trying to curl with them. I can stay focused longer with lighter weights, and that way I will feel as if I’m making progress.

    1. That’s great thinking! Working on form and balance is crucial, and those can be practiced with lower weight. I can totally understand the fear of weights over your head!

  6. My husband def is a heavy weights normal reps kind of guy. He has really lean muscle and is all natural so not really bulky.

  7. I lean more towards lighter weights more reps, yet muscles adapt very easily. So I’ll shake things up every few months a do 2 weeks of higher weigh low reps to reawaken the muscle so to say.

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