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I am so excited to share with y’all my new business venture. I’ve started Papa’s Meltin’ Wax. I personally pour each pack of melts, which comes from soybean wax from my home and ship them directly to you!

Why Soybean Wax?

  • Soybean wax is 100% clean and all-natural. No harmful chemicals that paraffin wax may contain
  • Buying soybean wax supports farmers
  • The scent that’s mixed with the wax holds longer than paraffin. I gave my nephew’s girlfriend two packs of melts for her birthday, and she told me that the scent is lasting over two days!

Papa’s Meltin’ Wax is veteran-owned, located in Watkins Glen, NY. I launched over two weeks ago. I am excited to serve you!

With the holidays fast approaching, I have some holiday-themed scents that I’m sure you’ll love. I created my own wax scent called Season’s Greetings and I’m in the process of creating two more. You can never have enough holiday scent options!

Papa's Meltin' Wax
Papa's Meltin' Wax

I hope that I can fulfill your wax melt needs! I want to with you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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  1. I have tried peach ,vanilla, and apple candle mels in the past.They smelled so good and did last a long time.

  2. I’ve transitioned to only using candles with soybean wax. Burning other candles is almost as bad for you as smoking.

  3. We used to make soy candles a long time ago. There were farms still around our town. We supported our local farms
    as much as we could. It was really sad to see the farmers go one by one!! So I really do hope you succeed in all of your endeavors! Merry Christmas 🎄 Be safe!

  4. Congratulations on your new business. It sounds great, I’m going to check it out a few more gifts for Christmas is always a welcome treat.

  5. I love wax melts and supporting small businesses! I am obsessed with having warmers in pretty much every room in the house, and good smells. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely purchase from you.

  6. I don’t buy wax. It’s too hard to handle with my MS and carpal tunnel disabilities…no candles either for fear of burning the house down. I don’t even use wax seals on letters/cards.

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