The Lean and Green Meal Option

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What is the Lean and Green Meal Option?

I’ve briefly written about weight loss and healthy habits in the Optavia Program. This post, I want to write about the lean and green part. The lean and green part of the program is pretty self-explanatory: Eat a lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, etc) and a green (vegetable). The pamphlet included in the  5&1 kit you get when you join breaks down the different options. What I like most about it is seeing how many different ways I can make my chicken or fish as those are 2 of my go-to meat choices.

I like to have four of my five fuelings before dinner. Now, this is not a set rule. You can have your lean and green for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I prefer to have my lean and green at dinner, with my wife. That way, I’m not making her a separate meal, and my meal. She’s enjoyed the meals I’ve prepared anyways, so it’s a win-win! She has especially enjoyed a spin on the one meal we tried with eggs (which did not go over with her well) so we have substituted chicken for the eggs and she has compared it to a fancy chicken dish.

What are some Optavia green options?

Lean and green meals are broken down into three options: lean, leaner and leanest. The leaner the meal, the more goodies you can have! Within moderation, of course!

Types of lean and green meals

Here is an example of a meal I make some nights:
Leaner option: 6 ounces of chicken breast, no skin with rosemary, thyme, and pepper. 1 1/2 cups of green beans with pepper, and 10 green olives. I choose not to cook the meat with any oils, because, according to the plan, I can only have one healthy fat (olives). You can have any option of a meal, along with your “green” option, which is broken down into lower, moderate, and higher carbohydrate intake. The pamphlet breaks down those choices, as well as informing you what NOT to have while you’re on the weight loss program. This makes it super easy for me to put my lean/green meals together.

This is a sample of a Leaner option: 6 ounces of baked chicken, with olive oil spray, 1.5 cups of asparagus or broccoli. I had 1 1/2 cups of green beans. The olive oil spray is my one healthy fat serving with this option.

Lean and green meal

Another meal we enjoy is having baked fish with Mrs. Dash and cauliflower with black olives.

By measuring and weighing my food, it has given me a sense of responsibility, away from “oh, this is enough food”, and just piling my plate high. I like being creative with the meals I make, adding seasonings and the like. Cutting down portion sizes is not that bad! When you stop and look at a lot of the portions you’re getting, the food amount is a good amount!

Lean and Green On The Go Meal Ideas

Always on the go, and can’t stop to make a lean and green meal? Try packing your meal the night before or the morning of. A couple of lean and green to go ideas are tuna, olives, and broccoli.

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Lean and Green Meal
The Lean and Green Meal Option

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