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Laundry Soap in a Strip? No Way!

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Laundry soap sure has come a long way since I was a kid. It started out as a powder, then came liquid, and finally pods. I love using pods when I do laundry: just drop and go. No measuring and no worry of adding too much detergent. What if I told you there’s a company that produces laundry strips, which saves on plastic containers? You’d probably think I’ve lost my mind!

Tru Earth

The proof is in the picture! I have to admit I did question it at first. Laundry detergent in a strip? How is that even possible? Well, Tru Earth is a company based out of Canada, and the laundry strips were created there with your skin and the environment in mind. Just think: if we all switched to laundry strips, think of how many plastic jugs wouldn’t be going to a landfill?

Their strips are super easy to use: take a half-section from the perforated patch and add to your laundry. If you’re washing a small load, just rip that half in half. IF you’re all about convenience and eco-friendly laundry products then Tru Earth is just the company for you.

Tru Earth has laundry strips for baby clothes. They dissolve completely in hot, warm, or cold water. They work well in all types of machines, front load, or top load. They also have other eco-friendly products. They’re not just a laundry company.

With the weather being hot these past few days, I like to wear mesh shorts. Since I don’t have a week’s worth of mesh shorts, I decided to wash a couple of pairs that were dirty, using a laundry strip. I noticed they dissolved rather easily, and our water is very hard, being we’re on well water.

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Tru Earth
Laundry Soap in a Strip? No Way!


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