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Keep Your Dorm Free of Pests with EarthKind

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Have you heard about EarthKind yet? If you have kids going away to college this post is for you. It’s getting to be that time again: back to school/college. I know from my own two kids who went to college and lived in dorms that pests run rampant. I am excited to partner with EarthKind for pest control in a natural way.

Their products are naturally effective plant-based solutions to keep pests away from treated areas without killing or poisoning them. They use ingredients grown on USA regenerative farms and they manufacture their products in North Carolina providing jobs for handicapable individuals. Their top-rated botanical formulations and patented delivery systems work with nature, not against it. This takes away the unpleasant smells of chemicals in small areas too.

Listed are the following products available:

Stay Away® Ants

Earth Kind

To prevent and remove ants from your home, place Stay Away® Ants pouches anywhere ants go to find food:
Any place you want to prevent them from entering.

How to dispose of your Stay Away® pouches
Remove the staples from the cardboard product label.
Empty the contents of the pouch into your household compost.
Place the cardboard product label in your recycling.

Stay Away® Mosquitoes from EarthKind

Earth Kind

Naturally scent-free, Stay Away® Mosquitoes provides 14-hour protection from mosquitoes and ticks. Up to 8-hour protection from biting flies, gnats, and chiggers. Safe for children and during pregnancy.

General Application
Shake well before use. Hold the bottle 4-6 inches from skin while spraying, keeping nozzle pointed away from your face, and avoiding contact with eyes and mouth, and apply sparingly around ears.
Slightly moisten your skin with a slow sweeping motion. Do not exceed 2 applications per day. Formula is water-resistant and non-flammable.
Do not spray directly on the face. Avoid contact with lips, cuts, wounds, or irritated skin. Do not apply excessively to sunburned skin or underneath clothing. Applying Stay Away® Mosquitoes to Your Face:
Spray a small amount in the palms of your hands, spreading on face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not spray directly on face.

Stay Away® Moths by EarthKind


Effective against pantry moths and clothing moths. All-natural ingredients.

For Clothing Moths
To remove and prevent clothing moths, place StayAway® Moths pouches anywhere clothes and linens are stored:
Bedroom closets.
Dresser drawers.
Linen closets.
For best results, launder clothing and linens before storing away for the season.
For Pantry Moths
To prevent and remove pantry moths, place Stay Away® Moths pouches anywhere in the kitchen, like closets, cupboards, and drawers.

Stay Away® Rodent

Use anywhere rodents or rodent droppings are noticed. Contains Balsam fir oil, lavender oil, Spanish rosemary oil, cedar oil, orange oil, lemon oil, and plant fibers.

Where to Use
To prevent and remove rodents from your home, place Stay Away® Rodent pouches anywhere rodents or rodent droppings are noticed:
Crawl spaces
Storage units
Farm equipment
Any place you want to prevent them from entering.

Stay Away® Spiders

To prevent and remove spiders from your home, place Stay Away® Spiders pouches anywhere spiderwebs or spiders are noticed:
Crawl Spaces
Any place you want to prevent them from entering.

Stay Away® Pouch Pod

Extend the life up to three times of your Stay Away® pouches by placing them inside a Stay Away® Pouch PodTM, which allows for a slow, consistent release of the pouch’s oils. Made from Sustainable, Plant-Based Materials. Reusable For Up to 3 Years.

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Keep Your Dorm Free of Pests with EarthKind


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