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Give Dad the Gift of CBD with BioFit360!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

BioFit360 CBD

If you’re in the market for quality CBD products, then look no further than BioFit360. They are working hard for you, to bring you a complete, natural solution for wellbeing. Their team develops each product to renew harmony in the mind and body.

From seed to shelf, BioFit360 manages the overall process to guarantee that you receive the highest quality hemp oil products on the market. Each product contains botanical extracts to help reduce stress, calm the mind, soothe the body, reduce inflammation, and support restful sleep. Their goal is to improve your life. They want you to feel better, do better, and be better.

BioFit360 CBD

BioFit Sample Pak

If you’re unsure what to try, why not get a sample pack? Each sample pak contains the following:

  • 6 Gummies (30 mg Hemp Oil per gummy)
  • 4 Relief Cream mylar packets (10 mg Hemp Oil per packet)
  • 1 sample bottle of Relief Tincture (.05mL with 60mg Hemp Oil per bottle)
  • 1 sample bottle of Revive Tincture (.05mL with 60mg Hemp Oil per bottle)
  • 1 sample bottle of BioPet Tincture (.05mL with 32mg Hemp Oil per bottle)

Included with each SAMPLE PAK comes with a sample guide to assist you with how to use the product. Their products are Third-Party tested.

BioFit360 CBD

BioFit 360 Gift Set

The products contained in this gift set are full-size that includes Sleep Tincture (1000mg Hemp Oil), Relax GO-PAK Gummies (300mg Hemp Oil), and Relief Cream (500mg Hemp Oil) in a secured natural fiber, handy bag. My wife and I both tried the Sleep Tincture, and within twenty minutes, our bodies were relaxed! Overall, our sleep was more sound and peaceful.

Why Should You Choose BIOFIT?

Their supplements are created by medical professionals to bring the most effective CBD products on the market!  Each of their products contains exceptional herbal extracts intended to help naturally lower stress, pacify the mind, soothe the body, minimize inflammation, and improve restful sleep. Their products originate from Industrial Hemp proudly grown 100% in the USA.

If your dad is feeling stressed, has inflammation, or has restless sleep, give him the gift of BioFit360.

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BioFit360 CBD
Give Dad the Gift of CBD with BioFit360!
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