frustration of not losing weight

The Frustration of Losing Weight

It’s been a while since I’ve last written a post. Busy working out, busy with work, busy with….well….life, in general! I’ve been dealing with something that I hoped I would never happen…..Why am I not losing weight?

The truth is, I have been losing weight! We’re not apt to see the results like people who know you will. It’s been a slow process, but that’s the way it should be! A reasonable loss per month should be about 3-7 pounds per month. That’s a healthy amount. Since July, I’ve lost about 11 pounds! I’ve had to come to grips that because of my age, and my lack of constant movement (when I worked outside of the home, I was constantly walking, bending, etc) that it will take longer, and I’m fine with that! I’ve started adding some walking (about 45 minutes to an hour) 4 times per week. My biggest downer is my mid-section and waist, but, I’ll keep grinding it out. Results aren’t going to get themselves! There is some noticeable results, but I think I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself!

I have to remind myself that I’m working towards being better than I was a week ago, a month ago, a year ago. I see people working out that have AMAZING physiques! Well, that’s a result of constant hard work and dedication, and, if I want to get results, I need to do just that; be dedicated and work hard!

Some advice I was given from a friend in a fitness group I’m in: Keep adding a little more to your workouts! I’ve done just that! When I get to the gym, the first thing I do is what I call a 10-15 minute cardio/body weight workout. This is what I do:

  • 30 second planks
  • 15 jumping jacks with a 10-pound plate
  • 10 squat lifts with a 12 pound medicine ball (I plan to substitute that with 2-15 pound dumb bells)
  • 10 reps push-ups with a bosu balance trainer.

After each set, take a 30-second break, then go again. Repeat 4 times. I plan to increase plank times, and eventually move up to 5 sets. If you’re heart-rate is up, you’re doing fine!

At least once or twice a week I’ll do a complete workout that focuses on a cardio style workout, with my 4th set being a strength set. The main area that I do this is my legs. Lord knows they need some extra attention! It breaks up the monotony and doing so is great for endurance strength. When I do this type of workout, I lift light weight, 15 reps each, 2 sets. The third set I increase the weight amount slightly, say, 5-10 pounds and do 10 reps. If, after 10 reps, if I feel I can do 5 more, I will. The last set (4th) is 3-5 reps, heavy. So far, I’ve got to say I’m loving these types of workouts!

I think I’ve forgotten that working out should be fun. I’m human. With doing these types of workouts, I’ve found the fun again! I look forward to continue having fun working out!

Have you ever gotten in a rut while working on losing weight? What did you do to get back on track?



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