Bird Feeders

Diverting Birds From Our Home with Bird Feeders

With summer in full swing, that means the birds are out in droves. When we were finally able to move back into our home, we noticed we had many birds who flew and lived close to our home. Some even made nests ON our house. We also noticed they liked to congregate on one of our landings to eat their berries and take a dump all over it.

While I like seeing birds of all kinds fly around and such, they can be a pest. While our house was being built, I counted FIVE nests in the floor joists! There is a nest underneath our deck, but I shall not disturb it, as there’s a mama robin and a few babies in it. They do nest in some weird places!

Bird Feeders

My wife got the idea of buying a couple of birdhouses and a station to hang the feeders. We’re hoping that once they discover that we’re feeding them, as well as offering them a bird bath, that they will stay out in the yard where we can enjoy them more.

Bird Feeders

Forgive our dead grass. This has been the driest summer we’ve seen in a few years. I’ve been told that it takes birds a while to discover the feeder, so I didn’t place any water in the bath yet, just so it’ll dry up. You can see that I’ve offered plenty of bird feed via the feeders. There is a cage on there for suet, which I was going to buy; but, Walmart was out. Maybe next time.

I have been really enjoying sitting on our deck and just enjoying being outside. Mornings are the best with my cup of coffee. Definitely makes life worth living and I can’t wait until the birds begin to flock around the feeding station.


I went out for my morning coffee, and I scared a flock of birds away from the feeders. Unintentionally, of course. They did fly back to the feeders. Excuse the quality of the pic but it was the best I could get without scaring them off again.

Bird Feeders

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Bird Feeders

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