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Cleaning Essentials for Your Fall Cleaning

We are just entering the fall season and what better time to do some fall cleaning in your home. If you are like me, spring cleaning is a great way to clean out the house before summer gets into full swing. Think of fall cleaning as a time to get ready for the fall decorations and oh yes the upcoming holidays.

fall cleaning

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3 Important Places to Do Your Fall Cleaning

  1. Your bathroom(s).
    This is a time to give your shower/tub a good scrubbing. This is also a time you may want to change out your toilet seat(s) as well. If your bathroom is busy with kids this room probably gets the most cleaning all year round. Replacing your toilet brush is great to do in the fall and spring cleaning times. Save on the one below, you will be stocked up so you don’t have to think about it in the spring.
  2. Your kitchen.
    Kitchens seem to get messy without even trying. Taking out all of your pots and pans, and vacuuming the cupboards isn’t a bad idea. If you need to throw out those old scrubbies, and sponges this is a great time to stock up. Sponges harbor germs, so why not stock up so you can change them out frequently. If your oven isn’t a self-cleaning one it is a good idea to have the fume-free cleaner on hand too. This also works well on grill grates after grilling all summer. Just put the grates in a garbage back after spraying. Close the garbage bag up and let the cleaner do its job. Waa-laa you can wipe them clean and be done with them for the year.
  3. Carpet areas in your home.
    This is a great time to clean those carpets that have had the summer traffic. With the weather still being warmer you can put the fans on and get your carpet all dry. Winter is a harder time for carpet cleaning unless you have a professional service come in. This time of year makes it the best time (other than spring) to do so. In need of a new vacuum cleaner? With the sales below, it is a great time to replace yours, especially if you have pets that shed.
  4. Bedrooms
    Take this time to throw out or donate any clothing you no longer fit in or wear. Leave out a few outfits for the warmer days and get your fall/winter clothes out and hung up. Clean under your bed, it is odd how things can get under there and you don’t even realize it.

These Deals on Fall Cleaning Supplies Won’t Last Long

Make sure you take time and check out these great deals. You will enjoy your upcoming fall festivities if you aren’t having to do a deep cleaning later. “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”, or once you get your cleaning supplies!

Cleaning Essentials for Your Fall Cleaning

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