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Celebrate Summer with Soundbites Nutrition

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

How Did Soundbites Nutrition Come into Fruition?

The owner of this business is Lisa Cicciarello Andrews, MEd, RD, LD and CEO of Soundbites Nutrition. Growing up, Lisa was known as “NutriGirl”. If you ask me she sounds like a Super Hero. Lisa grew up in a home with a father that battled diabetes and a mother that was always on a diet. She herself recovered from an eating disorder in her earlier years. Lisa wanted to help others with their nutrition wellness. She graduated with a degree in Nutrition. This way she could help others with their diet and disease problems.

When Did Lisa Start Her Career?

Lisa started her career in 1990 as a clinical dietitian at a Cincinnati VA Medical Center. She started out focusing on illness and later shifted to wellness for her patients. After getting her Masters in 1998 she became an adjunct professor teaching undergraduates and nursing students for almost 20 years. She then launched Soundbites Nutrition in 2008 which has allowed her to promote healthy nutrition.

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What Does Lisa Enjoy Most About Her Nutrition Teachings?

Lisa enjoys teaching others about nutrition wellness. Whether she is doing one on one or group counseling, or writing on her blog. She also enjoys developing delicious recipes for others to try and enjoy. She herself has rheumatoid arthritis and has written a cookbook called The Healing Gout Cookbook: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Lower Uric Acid Levels and Reduce Flares.

Lettuce Beet Hunger, Lisa’s Line of Food Pun Products began in 2017

I just love her Lettuce Beet Hunger Food Pun product line. Lisa is very creative with how she has taken food names and put them on the products she offers.

photo credit: Soundbites Nutrition’s ‘Lettuce Beet Hunger Shop

For instance, I received this shirt, “This. Is. The. Wurst. Short-Sleeve T-Shirt” from Lisa and I think it is an awesome play on words. It comes in black, heather gray and white. My 2nd favorite shirt was the “Stalker T-shirt which comes in more than one color and many sizes to choose from which you can see below in black.

photo credit: Soundbites Nutrition’s ‘Lettuce Beet Hunger Shop

Lisa’s shop offers different options as far as phrases, and sizes. She even offers onesies for babies. You can see all she has to offer here. If t-shirts aren’t for you she also has some cute mugs. You can visit Lisa’s website below and follow her on her social media.

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Celebrate Summer with Soundbites Nutrition


  1. It just goes to show you that hard work does pay off and it did for you. It sounds like you have helped so many people. I’m loving the designs of the t-shirts too.

  2. Sounds like Lisa is a busy lady. Love the products she has on her website store. Love all her tshirts and the lettuce beet burger sounds great.

  3. These shirts are awesome. I love the play on words! I really like the stalk of celery on the shirts above and on the shirt is the word Stalker 🤪. I did pin this. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the t-shirts! I have 3 kids at home (20 & over) we are all trying to eat healthy now as I suffer from gout & COPD & my kids have health issues too. Thanks for all the info.

  5. I love those shirts. They are awesome. I need to check out the cook book. I have gout. I would love to know some gout friendly recipes.

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