Visiting Watkins Glen NY

Best Eats When Visiting Watkins Glen

While you’re enjoying your time in Watkins Glen, you’ll want to savor some of the locally-owned and operated restaurants. Here is a list of the best eats when visiting Watkins Glen!


Jerlandos boasts both a restaurant AND a pizza place! Depending on your mood, Jerlandos offers the best of both worlds: Take out, or dine-in. 

Visiting Watkins Glen NYOriginally located in Montour Falls, New York, Salvatore, and Maria Purpura began the Jerlando’s Pizza Corporation. Having immigrated from San Guiseppe Jato, Italy, Sal, Maria, and their family were swept away with the beauty of the area and the beautiful natural surroundings, reminiscent of their country  Italy. 

Visiting Watkins Glen NY

The restaurant menu has a variety of appetizers and main course meals. The pizza place has limited seating, as it’s mostly geared for to-go orders. They’re famous for their hand-tossed pizzas and garlic knots. The original pizza place in Montour Falls is still operated by the Purpura family. 

Seneca Harbor Station

Visiting Watkins Glen NY

Located north of town as you enter the village, Seneca Harbor Station provides you with a beautiful view of the lake. It is located at the southern point of Seneca Lake. They have a covered deck for outdoor dining, a luxurious dining room, and a bar, to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer before you sit down to eat. Click here to view their food choices.

El Rancho Mexican Restaurant & Grill

Visiting Watkins Glen NY

Located in the heart of Watkins Glen, El Rancho Mexican Restaurant & Grill provides a great atmosphere and delicious Mexican cuisine. This is one place you should check out! To find out more about them, you can check out their Facebook page.

 House of Hong Chinese Restaurant

House of Hong gives you the option of eating in or take out. They have consistently provided the local community with excellent service and delicious cuisine for over twenty years. They have an online menu, should you wish to order out.

Bleachers Sports Bar and Grill

Visiting Watkins Glen NY

Bleachers have been around for eighteen years. They’re a very popular location during the summer months, with their outdoor section and dine inside while watching a game on the big screen t.v. They have a full menu on their Facebook page under photos and their burgers are so delicious!

Rooster Fish Pub

Visiting Watkins Glen NY

This pub is favored by locals and tourists alike. They offer perfect pairings of their dishes and on-site crafted brews. Their brews are derived from local sources. 

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Want to have some dessert after you’ve eaten a delicious meal? Then Ben and Jerry’s is just the right place! Their about us page details their storied past. Check out their flavors page, as there are so many options to choose from!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed a virtual tour of some of the best places to eat in Watkins Glen, NY! Below are a few more places of interest.

Atlas Brick Oven Pizza

Nickel’s Pit BBQ

When you visit places, whether in your home town or on vacation, what types of meals do you prefer?

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Visiting Watkins Glen NY


  1. Ben and Jerry’s was fabulous but so was Jerlando’s! Now I need to come back for a visit to try the rest of them!

    1. Okay wow! I’ll note this for my next visit. We were there one year ago! Wish I’d had this post then. The ice cream place I definitely agree with!!! I ate at several other spots but none were outstanding or noted here.

    1. When Becky and I started dating, I had never heard of Watkins Glen before either! I think you would enjoy our little town and all it has to offer!

  2. When my family and I visit new places, we always check out new pizza and Asian restaurants. I can’t wait to travel again. I am hoping to visit NY and Europe soon!

  3. Okay, I want to try Rooster’s Fish Pub. It just sounds delicious! That’s the one thing I think I miss the most about all of this. Being able to sit and enjoy eating out.

  4. I can’t wait for this craziness to be over so I can start traveling again! Adding Watkins Glen to my list for sure!

  5. Looks like some great places to go for food. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll know where to go. That pizza place would probably be my first choice.

  6. I had to google Watkins Glen to see where it is. There are 15 states I haven’t been to and they’re all in the North East. This is a spot I’d like to visit when I finally get to the area.

  7. Wow! It looks like so many incredible places to eat when visiting Watkins Glen. I’d love to explore all of them, especially Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for some local desserts!

  8. Watkins Glen is a great place to visit – the State Park is amazing, and a must-see! We didn’t have time to stop to eat in town, as it is so busy there in the summer. These sound like great spots to check out next time we go.

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