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  1. My Dad is a keen gardener, in fact a retired professional gardener. But he has never got in to composting.

    I think i might share this with him as it would be really valuable. Plus I have just had to buy him more compost and drop it on his drive to keep him busy during lockdown x

    1. My mother in law has just bought a composting bin because they are not emptying our green bins at the moment. I’ll let her know about the solution you have suggested above for quicker decomposition

    1. Even though we’re living in a hotel for the moment (house is being built from a fire in 18), I’ve been accumulating things that I can compost. I’ll be taking those things to the house each week, as I’m on papa duty, watching my grandkids.

  2. I’ve considered composting before but never truly looked into it properly. I’m liking the sound of the mixture to speed up the process, because 6-9 months seems like ages! Sim 🙂

    1. The idea to begin composting I credit my son and his family. They compost quite a lot of the things they can, as they have a big garden. It saves them money in the long run

  3. We have two composting barrels that swivel to mix our compost. One barrel is a little ahead of the other. I love composting our scraps because its green and helps the planet little by little.

      1. I’ve been composting for so many years. I learned a different way reading your post. I’m going to try your way and see how I like it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, it’s very important to the environment! The more I read about composting, the more I’m committed to doing my part to help our environment. If I can limit the trash I’m sending to the dump, the better it makes me feel. Not to mention, the money I’ll be saving on things I’d need to nurture the soil every year!

  4. Haha this is good timing. We have literally just been discussing this the other day, so will give it a go x

  5. Rog this is so informative and so good at the moment. I need to set some time aside to make this bun. Seems like a step towards being kind to the environment

  6. I remember house sitting for my friends and having to turn their huge compost bins. I would love to start doing this for our garden.

    1. I think you’ll be impressed, and a sense of pride, knowing that you’re actively contributing to the environment and providing food for your garden!

  7. I love gardening but I’ve never considered making my own compost. This is really straightforward to follow and a great activity to do!

  8. I’ve never really thought about composting much but that’s probably because I’ve never had my own garden before. This may come in very handy when we’re in our new place as our garden is our 2021 project x

  9. I found this post very helpful. Maybe we should start composting. Thanks also for that recipe.

  10. This is great information, especially for right now. Our trash bins, recycling and compost bins haven’t been running since the virus hit. This is a great idea to start composting until the garbage services start running again!

  11. I love all the great information given to get started. I had not idea where to start in doing this. My neighbor did it and she loved it. Now that were here at home its a great protect to start since i garden every day. Good recycle project too with everything you put into it that would go in the trash.

  12. News to me with all this composting. They have a very composting in Whole Foods Market. It gets confusing to me at times.

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