1. Great tips, kids love learning new things and watching things grow. Getting them involved right from seed is something they love and can check daily to learn to nurture and watch as the seeds start to sprout

  2. My children really love to garden. They get to help grandad in his normally and he’s cleared a space for them. They can’t wait until they can go back and see how their patch is doing.

  3. A gardening journal is a great idea and something I’d never thought of, my niece would love it. And nope, I’ve never seen a sunflower and not smiled, they just make me happy!

  4. Gardening is a fantastic way for children to play and learn in the same time. There is so much excitement to watch and document how the seeds you’ve planted start to come out.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve never met a child who doesn’t love to play in the dirt, so, why not have them help in planting a garden? One of the best educational hobbies there is!

    1. That is so cool! I would like for all kids to get involved in gardening, whether as a hobby to beautify a spot at their house, or to produce food to eat.

  5. The kids have been enjoying the garden and planting plants. We have a wildlife area and have found a toad and a mouse in the garden so far

  6. I think it’s such a good idea to get kids involved in the garden and to help them appreciate the time and effort which goes into making a garden look nice. As I’ve never had a garden for myself I need these skills as well as I move into a new house with a garden x

  7. There are some really great tips here. I n particular the ones about playing in the dirt and with water too haha x

  8. I love gardening with my children and find that they motivate me to do more as they will help me dig out the earth and plant things in for me. This year we have started growing beans and sugarsnaps.

  9. Great tips, thanks for sharing!! My kids have recently started showing an interest in the garden so we have ordered them a little raised planter each so they can plant, dig and water to their hearts content. I cant wait to see what they grow.

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