5 Dermatologist Hacks to Help You Reach Your Skin Care Goals

If you’re looking for advice on how to take your skincare routine to the next level and get your skin on point, nobody knows how better than the experts. Whether you’re struggling with breakouts or aiming for a flawless complexion, we’ve compiled five of the best dermatologist-recommended tips and tricks for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

After all, you probably already know all about cleansing and exfoliating, so we’ll skip the basics and jump right into the good stuff. Here are are some steps that you can take to reach your skincare goals faster.

When Using Your Phone

A study done by the University of Oregon found over 7,000 different types of bacteria on a sample of 51 phones – that’s more than a toilet seat. And it’s not only what’s already on your hands (you should know to avoid touching your face with those) but also all the surfaces that you place your phone on.

Some of these bacteria can cause breakouts when they come into contact with your face. So, as Dr. Jaliman recommends, the next time you’re on a call, opt for headphones, or use the loudspeaker. It’s a simple step forward in preventing anything dirty from touching your face.

Facial Massages To Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles: nobody likes them, but we’re bound to get them eventually. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent them. Giving yourself a facial massage is an enjoyable and effective way to help fight against those unsightly frown lines and crow’s feet.

Simply press on your temples, around your nostrils, and above your inner eyebrows for 10 seconds each, as recommended by Los Angeles dermatologist Jessica Wu. This form of facial acupressure requires nothing more than a minute before bedtime and will go a long way in preventing signs of aging.

The Power Of CBD Oil

As researchers have gained a better understanding of the countless ways our bodies benefit from CBD oil, it has become widely available and dermatologists have noticed the benefits it has on our skin. CBD oil helps soothe and moisturize your skin without negatively affecting oil production.

It also reduces inflammation and has anti-aging properties thanks to the linoleic and oleic acids. Once you’ve tried it out for yourself, you can recommend it to your friends. So, if you want to become a CBD distributor, check out this post on Sabaidee detailing how you can get started.

Sunscreen Is Life

Sunscreen is an absolute essential when it comes to anti-aging skincare. The benefits it has are undeniable, which is why no skincare expert starts their day without it. However, what you may not know is that sunscreen should be the first step in your routine.

Dr. Neal Schultz of DermTV explains that the reasoning for this is that when sunscreen ratings are tested, it’s applied to bare skin. Therefore, in order to get the claimed amount of protection, it needs to be applied first. It’s also important to note that even though your skin is protected, you should still avoid exposure to strong sunlight.

Avoid Hot Showers

Clinical professor of dermatology Elizabeth Tanzi states that hot water is harsh on the skin and can have a drying effect, forcing you to slap on unnecessary amounts of moisturizer to avoid flakiness. If you want to challenge yourself, try starting your morning with a cold shower. This has countless benefits for both your skin and hair, as well as your mind.


Remember, not every product works for everyone and sometimes a minimalist approach is more effective. But simple steps such as good hygiene, exercise, and a healthy diet will significantly contribute to your wellbeing no matter what skin type you have.

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