chickens garden


  1. Fingers crossed…. we will get a new home soon and when we do I am for sure getting chickens and totally love all the ways that they will help me with my garden 🙂 Thanks for this informative post and will be back!

  2. i love keeping chickens our local farm store finally got some small already together chicken houses i will most likely own another soon. i use to keep chickens pigeons and quails as pets i just love watching them n interacting with them all. n the eggs n poo are totally worth it best garden i ever had was because of that.

  3. This brings back memories, my grandparents had Chickens. They used to walk and run around the yard like they were playing .I remember being afraid of one of them because it seemed to have an attitude.I learned some new and interesting facts from this post.

  4. WOW! In a way chickens remind me of pigs – filthy animals. Rotting vegetables? I know the benefits of egg shells. Now and then I put a few empty cracked ones in a jar and fill it with water. After they are in the water a few days, I put cotton in my nostrils or whatever is safe and handy, and I pour the water into the jug of water that I water my plants with and I proceed to water my plants. I do this once a month. I don’t want my plants stinking.
    I knew I liked chicken for other things besides eating them 🐓

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